How did we score over 10 million video views on a branded video

How did we score over 10 million video views on a branded video, with only 7% of that performance coming from paid media?

It’s often said that social is a ‘pay to play’ channel. That line has been rinsed and repeated over and over again by media agencies and social sales teams for years. And while there’s of course truth to it, I believe we’re all guilty of saying it without really understanding the effective balance of both the ‘pay’ and the ‘play’ components, in what’s become somewhat of an empty catchphrase in our industry.

As ego driven creatives, of course we love the idea of pushing our clients to invest in pumping media dollars behind the content we’re creating to ensure it’s seen by as many eyeballs as possible. Paid media is a necessity, but are the category benchmarks of engagement rates and CPMs really the gold star for top performance, or can we push beyond that?

It should be our jobs to emphasise the ‘play’ in everything we create. Knowing that Gen Z turn to Instagram and TikTok not just for entertainment, but also as a search engine, we’ve adopted a consistent ‘edu-tainment’ approach in our content for brands on these platforms. This balanced style of creation is a good way to give your paid content a boost of fun in a way that resonates with audiences and keeps them coming back for more… 73,000 video SAVES… wait, what!?

What a great example of understanding a brand, a channel and an audience. What a cracker of a mini-campaign and amazing results for the team! 👏🏽