10 Reasons why I believe you should hire a musician in your workplace

Having made the transition from writing songs and performing on stage to writing pitch decks and presenting to clients, here are 10 reasons why I believe you should hire a musician in your workplace…

1. Resilience – The music industry is full of rejection, red tape and subjectivity, so musicians naturally have thick skin. We’re well equipped to handle the politics of a workplace, take on rounds of feedback and ready to be bombarded with opinions and critique on our work from anyone and everyone.

2. Natural creativity – Musicians find creative inspiration everywhere and thrive on having a creative outlet. We’re prolific with ideas and have a consistent desire to turn every task into a chance of creatively problem solving.

3. Many hats – Being a musician means mastering the art of multitasking. At one point or another we’ve likely played the role of a manager, booking agent, accountant, album art designer, writer, tour planner and everything in between.

4. Persistence – Musicians understand that success doesn’t happen overnight. We know how to put in the time, set goals and do the work to get there. And if it doesn’t work the first time, we’ll try and do it a different way.

5. Crafting a song is like nailing a creative brief – You need to know your audience (customer), develop your sound (brand) and cut through the noise (market).

6. Working to a budget – Musicians have no doubt slept on couches, caught red eye flights, crammed into tour vans and lived off nothing but drink tickets and Mi Goreng Noodles. We’re resourceful, strategic and of course appreciate the occasional schmoozy agency lunch.

7. Teamwork – Musicians understand the importance of playing the part in the ensemble. We slot into teams, jam well with clients and contribute to the work harmoniously.

8. Discipline – Musicians understand the value of mastering a craft and consistent practice to improve skills. Even the best in the biz continue to take lessons after decades at the top of their game (like RHCP Bassist Flea, who still has bass lessons)… Musos know that there’s always something to learn and always room to be better.

9. The art of improvisation – Just like a spontaneous performance, musicians can think on their feet in the office, adapt to unexpected challenges and find creative solutions to the constant changes in rhythm that might arise at work.

10. Finger on the pulse – Musicians are always looking (and listening) out for the latest trends and trying to find what’s next… this is a priceless trait for organisations and brands to stay relevant.

11. Breaking the rules – Pushing the conventions of a genre, cranking it up to 11 or just doing something a little unexpected, just like in music, the best solutions in a workplace often come from colouring outside the lines.

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